LUCEO portable lamp

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LUCEO portable lamp
  • LUCEO portable lamp
  • LUCEO portable lamp
  • LUCEO portable lamp

LUCEO portable lamp

Product no. 50579

  • White/Clear
  • Ø9 x H22 CM010

The word LUCEO means to shine in Latin. Timelesss and sculptural lamps that focus on functionality and beauty. The cool mix of glass and metal gives a playful expression - enhancing the transparancy of the glass and the strength and hardness of the metal. Create the perfect ambience with the LUCEO lamps and enjoy the subtle light reflection from the glass. The Luceo portable lamp is made easy for you to carry in any room; indoor or outdoor for the cozy ambiance.


- IP44 tested - approved for outdoor use.

Full charging from 0-100% takes 5 hours.

-100% charged battery lasts for 12 hours 

Battery Life / Battery Effect / Lumen - Watt

Has a life time of 50.000 hours / At 100% brigthness: 10 hours / At 80% brigthness: 12 hours / 200-300 lumen (2-4 watt)

Compliant with


Steel 100%

Glass 100%

There is no wash and care information for this item